Reliable transformers
17 Lincoln Road,
Benoni South,
Gauteng Province,
South Africa
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630KVA 6600V/400V Dry Type Transformer....

3MVA 33000V/400V ONAN

Special Skid Mounted Transformer

100KVA SWER Transformer

Loading of 2MVA 22000V/400V

Loading of 2MVA 22000V/400V 2

Precipitator Transformer

Special 5 Limb Transformer

Forklift Slots for easy handling.

1.6MVA 400V/11000V Generator Transformers

1.5MVA 11000V/400V

1250KVA 11000V/2200V

2MVA 11000V/550V

1MVA's 400V/11000V Generator Transformers

2MVA's 11000V/550V

Shunt Reactors for overhead lines

Plasma Cutters - PlasMaster

2MVA Rectiformer

CVT - Constant Voltage Transformer

Hospital Isolation Transformers

5 X Transformers installed @ Powerstation since 2002.

Installation @ Powerstation

Installation @ Powerstation 2

Reliable Transformers Generator Transformers

Reliable Transformers Generator Transformers 2

Reliable Transformers Generator Transformers 3

5 Limb Core

High Voltage Single Phase Test Transformer 16KVA 230V / 70KV

High Voltage three phase transformer 200KVA 415V / 6600V-11000V-33000V Test Transformer

130KVA 5 Limb Transformer

One of Reliable Transformer's Bakkies

Lighting Transformers for the mining Industry

We manufacture our own transformer tanks.

Some transformers in production.

Pole-Mount Transformer

We manufacture Transformers with cable boxes or on a open pockets.

Mine Loco Charger

New and Rewinds for underground Loco Chargers.

Customers Transformers

Customers Transformers 2

Generator Transformer Installation

Reliable Transformers goes blue for "TEARS" against RAPE

Shunt Reactors for overhead cables in Namibia

Precipatator Transformers 3

Distribution Transformer Low profile

Loco Charger 4

25KVA ONAN Transformer with all extra's on

Buck Boost Transformer - Busbar work

Special Transformer - Busbar work

Mine Winder Transformers

Distribution Transformers Various

Medium Transformer winders

Large Transformer winder

Transformer Assembly

Cores waiting to be assembled..... Reliable Transformers manufacture most of our own medium Cores.

5 Limb Core

Transformer Assembly 10

Shunt Reactor Assembly

Transformer Wiring

Large Transformer winder with coil

Large Transformer winder

Precipatator Transformers Assembly

Transformer Assembly

Rectifier Transformer Assembly

Coils ready for assembly

50KVA Sealed Aircooled Enclosure.

Distribution Transformer Installation at a manufacturing Plant

Transformers ready for transport.....

Furnace Transformers destined for DRC.

Furnace Transformers transport to DRC.

Transformer Installation at a Mine in Rustenburg.

Buck Boost Transformers... 5 X Transformers in total destined for Chile.


Transformers Electric Orange

Generator Transformers destined for Mine in DRC

Tank Manufacturing

Tank Manufacturing

Mine Winder Transformers

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