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17 Lincoln Road,
Benoni South,
Gauteng Province,
South Africa
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About Us

What we offer

While many transformer manufacturers are cutting their products to the bone to offer lower prices, we don’t sacrifice quality in order to quote lower prices. We are not the largest transformer company and we never aim to be. We would much rather be labelled as the best. We pride ourselves in building solid and robust products that will out last many of our competitor’s offerings.

Our Customers

From our Headoffice in Benoni, 20km from Johannesburg in South Africa, we service a growing network of customers throughout Southern Africa, the SADC region in Africa and beyond. We export transformers to the United States, South America, Saudi Arabia and all over the world through our Channel Partners.

Our Staff

Our ever growing staff compliment an extremely talented and experienced team. Some of our employees have more than 20 years service, resulting in our retention of crucial skills, expertise and in-depth knowledge.

Our Technology

Our experienced and qualified designers use state-of-the-art CAD design tools to design all our products. Our quality management system, ISO9001:2008, along with our production management systems, are entirely computer controlled allowing us to accurately predict job completion times.

We test and manufacture our products strictly according to the applicable SANS and specific customer’s standards. We conduct routine tests and inspections throughout our manufacturing processes.

Our Expertise

We offer our products in both copper and aluminium. Some manufacturers have given aluminium a bad name in the past by not being able to produce aluminium wound transformers of similar quality and performance to those made from copper. This has given rise to many myths about aluminium as a winding material.

We are proud to say that we have been producing aluminium wound transformers of equal or better quality and performance to that of copper for more than 10 years.

Aluminium allows us to produce lower cost transformers. Lower costs mean savings to our customers without them having to sacrifice quality or performance. A further advantage is the fact that aluminium has significantly lower scrap value to that of copper and resultantly aluminium wound transformers are at much lower risk of being vandalised when compared with copper wound transformers.

Our Standard ranges:

We offer Single phase and Three phase Dry type and Oil-filled Power and Distribution transformers Up to 3.5MVA.

Research & Development

Apart from our constant efforts to improve our current ranges, we are currently also involved in the Renewable Energy Sector. Watch this space for more……

We are expanding

Our expansion program commenced with the relocation of our Core Cutting and Tank Fabrication divisions into two larger factories during 2011

The remainder will encompass the following:

  • A state-of-the-art assembly workshop with 25 ton lifting capacity.
  • Completely new test facilities providing more effective quality control.
  • Extended research and development facilities.
  • Upgrading of our steel preparation and painting facilities.
  • Expanded yard space with overhead truck loading capability and streamlined materials handling capability.
  • Upgrading of our Oil Storage facilities.
  • A modern three storey office block offering a comfortable and spacious work environment for administration staff and management.



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